Hot Bed

Present perfect

THIS MONTH: Shanghai, China

WHERE? Room 3162 in the new Tower Two of the Pudong Shangri-La Hotel.

WHAT? Look out your window, 31 floors down and across the Huangpu River to Old Shanghai.

WHY? You are caught in a unique moment of time, combining a view of the past with life today: Your Phillips plasma screen TV swings out from the wall, and your egg-shaped tub is freestanding.

The WOWfactor: Tour the Bund in the hotel's royal blue Rolls-Royce Phantom. Everyone will know you are truly important.

(Hot Bed is a monthly spotlight on the world's most stunning accommodations. Mary Gostelow is president and editor-in-chief of the online magazine Kiwi Collection.)

Getting There

Effective June 16, 2006, we'll offer the only non-stop service from Toronto to Shanghai, three times a week. Book now. When you’ve come this far, take the time to tour: Take advantage of our great deals on car rentals.

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April 2006

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