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Visa Debit takes flight with Air Canada

We’re happy to announce that we now accept Visa Debit as a form of payment when you purchase your tickets online or through Air Canada Reservations.

As a Visa Debit client, you can now enjoy the convenience of paying for your air travel directly from your bank account. And you probably already know that all your purchases are backed by Visa’s layered approach to security.

In adopting this safe and convenient payment option, our aim is to provide you with greater payment choice and flexibility when it comes time to take to the skies.

Frequently asked questions

We’ve provided answers to some of the questions you’re most likely to have about paying with Visa Debit.

Is it safe to pay with Visa Debit?

Visa Debit is the only debit payment option to offer Visa’s Layers of Security, which include Verified by Visa, Three-digit code (CVV2), Address Verification Service (AVS), and Visa Zero Liability Policy. These layers are reinforced by Visa’s industry-leading standards for data security and 24/7 fraud-detection monitoring.

If my Visa credit card is registered for Verified by Visa, do I need to register my Visa Debit separately?

No, you will not need to register for Verified by Visa separately for Visa Debit purchases.

Where can I use Visa Debit for payment with Air Canada?

You can use Canadian or U.S.-issued Visa Debit as a form of payment when you purchase air travel:

You’ll also be able to use Visa Debit to check in:

  • online, or
  • at one of our self-service check-in kiosks, provided your Visa Debit card has a magnetic stripe

At the present time, Visa Debit is not accepted for payment of RBC travel insurance, or onboard food and duty-free purchases. However, it is possible to purchase Onboard Café food vouchers online before travel, which can be used during a flight.

Is there a maximum purchase amount for Visa Debit transactions?

Please contact your financial institution and ask them about your daily purchase limit.

What happens if the transaction is declined or exceeds my Visa Debit daily limit?

If the transaction you are making is declined or exceeds your Visa Debit daily limit, it will not be completed and no funds will be withdrawn from your account. You will be advised to enter an alternate form of payment or to contact your financial institution.

How are refunds for Visa Debit payments processed?

When applicable, refunds are credited back to the original method of payment within 5 to 10 business days.

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