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Self-service tips for a smooth summer travel experience

May 31, 2011

With the summer travel season upon us, we’d like to offer some time-saving tips to ensure you have a smooth travel experience.

Stay informed

  • Keep abreast of any travel advisories, and check the status of departing and arriving flights:
    • online,
    • with your mobile device, or
    • by calling the toll free Air Canada flight status line at 1-888-422-7533; TTY (Hearing Impaired): 1-800-361-8071.
  • Register with our mobile notification services and receive flight delay and cancellation information directly on your mobile devices or via e-mail, all in real time.

Check in early

Check in online or on your mobile device at any time within 24 hours of departure and take advantage of many options including changing your seat assignment and selecting the number of bags you want to check..

  • Access mobile check-in through mobile.aircanada.com by clicking on the check-in option on a mobile device.
    • Once you’ve completed your check-in, you’ll receive an electronic boarding pass or check-in confirmation on your mobile device.
  • Download our free Air Canada Blackberry App or iPhone App and you can:
    • retrieve your electronic boarding pass,
    • track flight information in real time,
    • receive notification of itinerary changes and
    • obtain other details about Air Canada flights.
  • Make sure you arrive at the airport in advance of recommended check-in and boarding gate deadlines to avoid problems associated with summer travel congestion.

Be prepared

In the event of flight disruptions that may be caused by bad weather, you may be eligible to rebook your flight using our delayed and delayed and cancelled flight service.

Pack wisely

  • Store all valuables (e.g. electronics, documentation, medication, car keys, and money) in carry-on baggage and not in your checked bags.
  • Keep all gifts unwrapped to facilitate security inspection.
  • External baggage tags sometimes become detached. Take a minute to download and print our Baggage ID card (24kb) and place a copy inside all of your bags.
  • The carry-on baggage allowance is:
    • one standard article 23cm x 40cm x 55cm weighing a maximum of 10 kg, and
    • one personal article 16cm x 33cm x 43cm weighing a maximum of 10 kg.
  • Your checked baggage allowance is determined by your fare, destination, date of travel and frequent flyer status.
  • Read useful tips for travel with young children, including our stroller policy, as well as important information on travelling with sports equipment.

Security measures for carry-on baggage

Government regulations stipulate that customers can only place a limited quantity of liquids, gel and aerosols items in carry-on baggage to pass through passenger screening points.

Have all documents in hand

  • All international travel requires a valid passport and in some cases other documentation, such as visas, essential to enter the country of destination.
  • Domestic travel requires government-issued photo identification that includes date of birth and gender for all passengers 18 years of age and older.
  • Government regulations require that the name provided in the flight reservation be exactly the same as it appears in the travel documentation.
  • Children travelling outside of Canada with one parent may require legal documentation proving the other parent or guardian’s consent that the child may leave the country. We invite you to contact the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade at 1-800-267-8376 to determine if such documentation is necessary.
  • We encourage you to complete any travel information form ahead of time. Learn more about travel requirements and regulations.

Travelling to, from or via the U.S.?

  • The U.S. now requires that travellers provide additional Secure Flight information at least 72 hours before their flight or at time of booking.
  • All passengers, including Canadian and U.S. citizens, must present a valid passport when travelling by air between Canada and the United States.

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