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Discover our new Flight Status tool

Our Flight Status feature has undergone a complete makeover.

Aside from several purely aesthetic improvements that make the new Flight Status interface more appealing and user-friendly, you now have two ways to search for your flight:
  • You can enter your flight number if you have it handy.
  • If you don’t, just enter your travel date and origin and destination, and we’ll list all the flights that match your itinerary.

And with handy new features like information on your type of aircraft and the most up-to-date weather for both your departure and arrival city, you’re pretty much set to go.

Try the new Flight Status tool now!

For the moment, though, only Air Canada and Air Canada Express (operated by Jazz only) flights can be entered to get flight status. If your flight is operated by another airline, you can still view its status by using our former Flight Status tool.

Get information on your aircraft type and the most up-to-date weather forecast:
View the status of all the day's flights for your selected origin and destination:

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