Executive Biographies

Nick Careen

Vice President, Airports, Call Centres & Customer Relations

Nick Careen was appointed Vice President, Airports in June 2009, with overall responsibility for all aspects of customer experience throughout Air Canada’s North American airports. In April 2013 Nick also assumed leadership for the airline’s customer service teams throughout Call Centres and Customer Relations.

Nick was previously Senior Vice President, Operations at Air Canada Jazz (now Jazz Aviation LP), Canada's largest regional airline. In that role, he had overall responsibility for Systems Operation Control, Flight Operations, In-Flight and Airport Operations. His career in the airline industry began with a Jazz predecessor, Air Nova in Halifax in 1994. Since then, he has held a number of management positions within Systems Operation Control and Airports with Jazz and its predecessor airlines with various and increasing responsibilities throughout the airline’s operations and airports branches. He was also the Director of Six Sigma (a process improvement methodology and measurement strategy) for Jazz.

Nick holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Memorial University of Newfoundland.