Graduate and Undergraduate
Hire Program - FAQ’s
  1. When does the next program commence?
    At this time, the Graduate and Undergraduate Hire Program is on hold until further notice.  Please continue to visit this website for updates on future programs. 
  2. How do I apply for the program?
    Even though the Graduate and Undergraduate Hire Program is currently on hold, we encourage you to build your online profile.  Please do this by clicking on “submit your resume” and following the instructions.  You will be able to select what areas of employment you are interested in and can instruct our system to inform you of positions matching your criteria.  If you have selected this option, the system will inform you when we start the recruitment activities for the next program. 
  3. How many candidates will you be selecting for this program?
    In the past, we have typically hired between 9 and 12 people.  However, the number of candidates selected for each new program depends on our recruitment needs.  This will be determined when the next program commences.
  4. Who is eligible for the program?
    All recent graduates and undergraduates (within the past couple of years) are eligible to apply for the program. This means that you must have earned your degree before the start of the program. You must also be able to permanently work in Canada (permanent resident or Canadian citizen) and work full-time hours. Most of the candidates that have been selected for the program have approximately 2 to 5 years experience in a leadership role, which includes part-time and summer employment. 
  5. How are candidates selected?
    The recruitment process is lengthy and competitive. All applications are reviewed for eligibility requirements. Each successful candidate will be required to pass the screening, complete multiple interviews, and undergo recruitment testing.
  6. Is this similar to an internship?
    No. Successful candidates will be offered a full-time permanent management position at Air Canada, complete with salary and benefits.
  7. For the first six months of the program, I will be working in the operations. What does this mean?
    This means that you will be working closely with our customer service personnel; learning with them how the airline operations work on a daily basis. Some examples could be working with the In Flight department assisting with boarding processes, or working at the airport within customer service.
  8. Do I get to choose which operational area I will be working in?
    We will take into consideration your interests and strengths. Positions will be assigned based on what is deemed to best suit your capabilities, interests, on the needs of our operations, and how we can best develop your skills.
  9. Will I have to do shift work?
    Yes. During your six-month operational assignment, shift work will most likely be required. Typically, this includes early mornings, late evenings, weekends, and statutory holidays. You will not be required to complete shift work during your 12-month corporate assignment. However, you will be expected to make some serious time commitments for this role.
  10. How long is the training for these positions?
    The training is between 4 to 7 weeks in duration, depending on where you are placed.
  11. Will I be paid during the training period?
    Yes. You will be paid throughout the training period.
  12. Will I report to the same manager for the duration of the program?
    No. You will report to different managers throughout the 18 months, depending on where you are placed and the work you are doing. For example, you may report to a Trainer, front line Customer Service Manager, and Project Manager at different points throughout the program.
  13. When the 6 month operational assignment is complete, how will I be placed for the 12 month corporate assignment?
    We will align your preferences and area of study with our business needs. For example, if you have studied in Human Resources or Industrial Relations, you will likely be assigned to the Employee Relations Branch.
  14. Do I stay in the same corporate role for the entire 12 months? What if I decide I would prefer another area?
    Air Canada's intent is to develop strong management generalists. During the time in your corporate role, you will be given different assignments that allow you to progress. We will certainly consider individual preferences and interests to ensure a best fit for all parties.
  15. At the end of the 18 month program, do I stay in my current management role?
    At the end of the program, job opportunities will be made available. You will be considered for certain positions and will have to interview for the ones that interest you. Throughout the program you will receive performance feedback and coaching. This will allow you to explore where your strengths and development opportunities are. There are NO promises - ONLY opportunities. Our business is dynamic, it's up to you.
  16. What benefits will I be eligible for?
    We offer a competitive benefits package including dental and health care, disability benefits, and a mandatory pension plan - all of which employees are eligible for from the first day of employment. Air Canada employees also enjoy travel privileges including unlimited standby flights and are offered hotel, cruise, and vacation package discounts.
  17. What development opportunities are there within Air Canada?
    There are a myriad of opportunities at Air Canada. These can be found in areas such as marketing, sales, labour relations, human resources, information technology, operations, engineering, and finance. We consider this program to be a development opportunity enabling you to move ahead in the company. Any additional development would be determined by your own drive and determination to reach your career goals. The sky is the limit!
  18. Are there opportunities to find work or assignments within the different subsidiaries of Air Canada?
    The subsidiaries of Air Canada advertise their vacant positions through our internal posting system. You are welcome to apply for any position that interests you once you have completed the program. Please note that the subsidiaries are separate entities and accepting a position would mean that you are no longer an employee of Air Canada.
  19. Will the Graduate and Undergraduate Hire Program help to accelerate my chance for promotions?
    The program is designed to provide you with the proper skills and networking opportunities to better promote yourself within the organization. Your performance and drive to succeed will determine the rate at which you are promoted. It is up to you!