Airport Ground Services

Station Attendant

Station Attendants have the important responsibility of providing ground services to our aircraft during station stops. The tasks can vary from physically handling baggage or freight to operating vehicles or equipment. Applicants must successfully complete a full time paid training of a maximum of 5 weeks.

Groomers & Cabin Cleaning Assistant

Groomers & Cabin Cleaning Assistant performs cabin servicing and interior cleaning functions, including physical work. They must successfully complete a full time paid one week training.


Applicants must hold a valid driver's license. In the Province of Quebec, fluency in both French and English is a requirement. Elsewhere, preference will be given to bilingual candidates. Some of the extra qualifications are previous airline experience, experience in heavy industry or physically demanding positions.

Opportunities are available for advancement to positions of greater responsibility on the ramp, in the load, cargo and baggage sections.

As the airline operates 24 hours a day, attendants must be prepared to work shifts, including days, evenings, and weekends. This could necessitate a change in life style. As the "work week" does not coincide with the traditional Monday to Friday schedule. The work can be tiring both physically and mentally and much of the work is performed outdoors in all types of inclement weather.