Look around you. Your work environment, your neighbourhood and your country are constantly evolving. International borders are fading and the world's population is coming together.

At Air Canada, we hope our employees benefit from the diversity of Canada's population and the international clientele on board the many routes we serve.

Accomplishments - Past and Present
All members of the Air Canada team are proud of the company's employment equity record to date. Twenty years ago, we pioneered the integration of women into the workforce. Today, women from entry-level to senior management positions make a concrete and vital contribution to Air Canada's success - success that was achieved through receptiveness and forward-thinking.

As we expand our services into foreign markets, we are also expanding our workforce to reflect today's changing reality. With scheduled service to 92 cities in Canada, 55 in the United States and 38 in Asia, Europe and the Middle East and the Caribbean, we serve people of all stripes on a daily basis.

The Employment Equity Advantage
By integrating Aboriginal peoples, women, members of a visible minority and persons with a disability, we mirror the nation's diversity, enabling our customers to recognize themselves in our workforce.

Bringing competent, qualified people who belong to these groups into our environment helps them find their place in society and gives us the opportunity to meet interesting people and learn different cultures and languages.

The Scope of our Commitment
Only by eliminating barriers to employment can we truly consider ourselves progressive and open-minded. In addition to our employment equity initiatives, we have made a concerted effort to reach today's youth and encourage them to follow the right path. We regularly visit local high schools and colleges to emphasize the importance of staying in school. During a traditional smudging in May 2001, a Boeing 767 decorated with an aboriginal eagle was revealed. It was a work of art and a powerful message in support of Aboriginal tourism.

At Air Canada, we promote equality in the workplace. At Air Canada, no person shall be denied employment opportunities or benefits for reasons unrelated to ability.

We invite you to contribute to our diversity.