Frequently Asked Questions
What time should I check-in?

To find out what is the recommended check-in times for your Air Canada flight please click on this link: Check-in Times 

Where can I get routing and schedule information?

To obtain the latest schedules and information of Air Canada routes, please visit our Timetables page or use the "Timetables" quick link from the home page. Here you will find our timetable in several formats:

  • online version
  • printable (.pdf format)
  • PC (a downloadable tool for your PC)
  • Palm (a downloadable tool for your Palm device)

For schedules and fares for available flights, please visit the home page of our web site.

What if there is a mistake with my online booking?

After you have completed your booking at, you notice there is an error (date, spelling etc..) you may contact Air Canada Website Assistance before midnight (local time) on the same day to request a change. If the change results in a higher fare, you have the option to pay the higher fare or to refund your ticket. This policy covers changes to flights, dates, route and spelling of passenger names. We recommend that you validate your booking by reviewing your itinerary immediately after you have made your reservation.

What are the restrictions for carry-on baggage?

Cutting or piercing instruments (including religious artifacts) which can be used as weapons are NOT permitted in carry-on baggage.

Portable electronic devices i.e.: cell phones, CD players, laptop are acceptable but will be screened by Airport Security Personnel and you will be required to demonstrate their operation. For more information please visit our carry-on baggage section.

For information on other dangerous goods, please visit our Dangerous Goods page.

What is Air Canada's checked baggage allowance?

For full information on the allowable size and weight of your baggage, please visit our Baggage page.

How do I file a complaint?

In order to effectively assist you, please submit your correspondence along with a summary of your past travel concerns. Please include details of your Aeroplan number, full name, complete mailing address and telephone number to:

Air Canada
Customer Relations
Hahnstrasse 70
60528 Frankfurt

How do I apply for a password?

To apply for a new Password or if you have lost or forgotten your Password, click on "View/Update my profile" from the homepage:

You will then click on "Forgot/Need a password" and follow the steps. If you need assistance, contact our Website Assistance Desk.

Can I bring my medical equipment onboard?

Syringes or needles needed for personal medical use are allowed onboard provided the needle guard is intact, and must be accompanied by the prescription medication with a printed label identifying the medication name and the issuing medical office or pharmacy.

If you require more information on this or any other medical equipment, please contact our Reservations and ask for the Medical Desk.

What exactly is an electronic ticket or E-Ticket?

An electronic ticket or E-ticket is essentially a paperless ticket with all the information regarding your travel stored in our computer system. For complete details on how to book or use an E-ticket, please visit our E-ticket section of our web site.

Who do I contact if I'm having technical difficulties on

If you are experiencing technical difficulties on, please contact our Website Assistance Desk

How should I label my baggage?

Remove all old airline tags from your baggage, attach identification tags to the inside and outside of the bag, giving destination as well as home addresses.

How can I view my online bookings?

If you wish to view your on-line reservation or make changes, please click on "View/Change my booking" from the Home page, enter your Aeroplan number and password. Or, if your reservation was booked as a "Guest", you may click on the "view bookings" link found under "Traveller Services" on the Homepage.

If you are experiencing problems making on-line reservations, contact Website Assistance.

Where do I find arrival/departure terminal information?

To find out which terminal your Air Canada flight departs from or arrives in visit our flight status page.

I did not receive my itinerary/receipt

If you have not received your itinerary/receipt for future travel, please call Air Canada Website Assistance or visit an Air Canada Ticket Counter at the airport prior to your flight to request a copy.

If you have already traveled and require your receipt, please contact Ticket Usage & Receipts at:

Where is my seat located on the aircraft?

To see where your seat is located on the aircraft, visit our Fleet page, click on the appropriate aircraft type.

You can find out which aircraft is scheduled to operate your flight by clicking on the "timetables" Quick Links on the home page, enter the departing/arriving city, and date. You may then click on the aircraft type for details.