AC Live

We believe your animals were meant to fly, whether they have wings or not.

At Air Canada Cargo, an animal's safety and comfort are our top priorities. While air travel can be stressful to passengers, it can be extremely difficult for animals.

AC Live is Air Canada Cargo's designated shipping solution for live animals. It is designed to ensure the comfort and safety of all animals:

  • Designated agents for bookings and questions about live shipments*
  • Priority1 service level
  • Specially trained staff to care of animals while under our care
  • Bonded kennel facility in Toronto for comfort stops for pets in transit

Once within our care, animals are brought to specialized rooms* for safety and comfort and are transported to the aircraft in dedicated vehicles.

*At select stations only.

AC Live shipments can be designated as:

  • Pets - Cats and dogs
  • Animals - For all other types of live animals (warm and cold blooded)
  • Aquatics / Insects - For live fish, coral, bees, etc.

All Animals must be brought to an Air Canada Cargo facility and retrieved at arrival.

Not all cities served by Air Canada have cargo facilities. All Cargo stations are listed in our Contact us section.

Flying in the Cargo Hold

Animals booked with AC Live fly in the cargo hold, along with baggage and other cargo and don't need to be accompanied.

The cargo holds on all of our aircraft are pressurized and most of our aircraft also have temperature-controlled cargo compartments. If temperature control is needed but not available on the route you book your animal on, the booking agent will suggest a different route or an alternate travel date.

Kennels are secured so as not to move about in-flight, and are placed for maximum ventilation.


Book a live animal shipment

Bookings can be made up to 30 days prior to departure and must be made no later than the times indicated in the table below, depending on the destination.

Travel Minimum time to
make a booking
Within Canada 10 hours prior 1 (866) 615-1155
Hours of operation - 6:00 am to 9:45 pm (EST) - 7 days a week
You can also view our list of Air Canada Cargo offices across Canada
Between Canada and the US 24 hours prior If your shipment is originating in the U.S., please consult our contact list
All other origin or destination 5 days prior Contact your local Air Canada office.

Before calling to make a booking, please have the following information available:

  • Shipping information:
    • Shipper's name, address, telephone numbers
    • Consignee/recipient name, address, telephone numbers
    • City of origin and destination
  • Documentation that may be required for transport
  • About the animal:
    • Type of animal and breed
    • Age
    • Weight, length and height
    • Name
  • Kennel dimensions (for cats and dogs)

Shipping restrictions

Before booking, please review our seasonal restrictions

It is the shipper's responsibility to verify if there are any shipping restrictions for the country of origin or destination. This information can be found on the customs website of most countries.