Selected Ground Handling Charges

United Kingdom

Collected as "other charges due carrier" - Non Commissionable - Rates in GBP

For more information on these service charges, please contact your local Air Canada Cargo office.

Export Charges

£ per kg
£ min.

Charges will be calculated on the chargeable weight applicable to each air waybill (master and house) and are minimum charges which may be increased if additional work or expense is involved.

Standard charge for processing and handling International, EU transhipments, excluding through air waybills:
Loose cargo
9 p. (Effective Nov 1, 14: 10p.)
21.00 (Effective Nov 1, 14: 22.00)
Unitized cargo
Rate class 1
Rate classes 2 to 6
Rate classes 7 to 9
Security screening per consignment
11 p.
Shipments requiring decompression/RASCO will incur an additional charge. (Cargo that is too large to be x-rayed will only be charged at the decompression/RASCO rate.)

Note: Any cargo that cannot be x-rayed to a satisfactory standard may have to be broken down into smaller pieces to obtain a clear image. The following charges will apply:
  • 200% of our normal applicable security screening fee, plus
  • £20.00 administration fee
12 p.
Dangerous goods acceptance check (per air waybill)
Up to 10 pieces or 10 UN numbers
39.00 (Effective Nov 1, 14: 41.50)
For each additional piece or UN number
1.25 (Effective Nov 1, 14: 1.35)
Dry ice shipments
22.00 (Effective Nov 1, 14: 26.00)
Dangerous goods in excepted quantities
22.00 (Effective Nov 1, 14: 26.00)
Radioactive materials excepted packages
22.00 (Effective Nov 1, 14: 26.00)
Re-check charge
35.00 (Effective Nov 1, 14: 40.00)

Note: An additional £5.00 per certificate will be charged when a dangerous goods shipment exceeds three dangerous goods certificates.

Preparation and completion of Customs formalities - Completion of Customs Declaration (NES)
Low value, non-stat, transshipments
25.00 (Effective Nov 1, 14: 32.00)
Presentation of documentation (NES) upon request
16.50 (Effective Nov 1, 14: 25.00)
Where Customs examination is required
30.00 (Effective Nov 1, 14: 35.00)
Air waybill preparation
13.50 (Effective Nov 1, 14: 14.00)
Charges to amend Air waybill
Labelling - Including bar code labelling
1.15 per label (Effective Nov 1, 14: 1.45)
Witness loading

Import charges

£ per kg
£ min.
Processing and handling of all terminating shipments, transfers to other bonds/ERTS, and through HAWBs having arrived as part of a consolidation:
Loose cargo
13 p. (Effective Nov 1, 14: 15p)
30.00 (Effective Nov 1, 14: 34.00)
Unitized cargo
9 p. (Effective Nov 1, 14: 10p)
30.00 (Effective Nov 1, 14: 34.00)
Transshipments including inter-airport related removals - limited to other Airline Transit Sheds within the boundaries of LHR.
Free of charge
Free of charge
Special cargo
Animal quarantine/Pet passport
At cost
At cost
Environmental health charges
At cost
Customs overtime
At cost
Cold storage
At cost
Processing of bank delivery orders
Destruction of consignments at the request of a shipper, airline or health authority
At cost

General charges

£ per kg
£ min.
Storage charges
Import of commercial cargo, per 100 kg or part thereof, FREE period of 24 hours commencing at 23:59 on the day Status One is set PER DAY.

Please note: Import consignments cleared and delivered split or as part shipments will have storage charges applied to EACH part with the appropriate minimum applied.
8.00 (Effective Nov 1, 14: 11.25)
10.00 (Effective Nov 1, 14: 11.25)
Export of commercial cargo: Freight will not be accepted more than 48 hours before booked day of departure, otherwise storage will be incurred. Charge per day per 100 kg or part thereof after, the first 24 hours as detailed above.
8.00 (Effective Nov 1, 14: 11.25)
10.00 (Effective Nov 1, 14: 11.25)
Special handling and security coverage (excluding valuable surcharge cargo)
House Air waybill data submission charge (ACI)
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI):

All house air waybills (HAWBs) data submitted to Air Canada by EDI will be charged per HAWB.
2.50 (Effective Nov 1, 14: 3.00)
For any inaccurate information that will need to be amended by Air Canada.
7.50 (Effective Nov 1, 14: 8.00)
Documentation (Air waybill/House Air waybill) for Air Canada to enter data into its own CBSA reporting system:

All HAWB data that must be manually input by Air Canada will be charged per HAWB
10.00 (Effective Nov 1, 14: 11.00)
Direct data transmission to CBSA by Forwarder:
No charge provided prior agreement has been reached with Air Canada
Re-build or Re-contour shipper built ULD

Important: all charges are subject to change without prior notice.